Sunday, April 5, 2015

Of Idols and Shields

I'm so glad you aren't
One of those superhuman
Stone idols with feet of stone. 
They are perfect, it is true,
With their chiseled ideals
And strong arms that protect one
From the outside world. 

But what if the mistake's mine?
A clash against those rigid arms
Right though they may be,
Will only cause 
Pain to me and cracks to you. 

No, I'm glad you are, my idol,
Not of stone through and through. 
Your inner softness is so pure,
It's the very thing
That draws me to you.

Now I know I'm safe.
Your arms will defend me
Against the cruel world.
Yet I'm of use too,
To protect your softer self.
You defend me and I you -
A perfect shield we'll be. 

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