Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fallen Angel

Have you seen a fallen Angel?
Nothing can compare.
It's a shell - the opposite
Of its ethereal former glory.

Twisted, wasted, slow:
A recluse dragging itself
Through its Punishment
Of an existence.

Suddenly a spark
Ignites its wooden mind,
Slowly catches ready tinder
With a glowing flame.

And then, all at once,
Its body flaring ablaze,
Hurtles through the sky
With unexpected grace.

All you can see is Beauty
As it travels its fiery path,
Can you see the burning shell
Reveal the Angel within?

Dancing, twirling,
Behold its joy
As it transforms
Once more and sings:

A thousand times I will take this,
A thousand times this pain,
This Fire is a blessing-
It makes me whole again.

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