Tuesday, September 9, 2014


One last wing flutter,
Butterfly stuck in syrup
is finally free.

Constant Cloud

It's not new
It was always there
This little cloud above us
Of amor, of attraction.

The sun of self doubt
Tried to dry it out.
The winds of the past
Tried to sweep it away.

Stubborn little cloud,
It stuck quite fast -
Building and growing
On the heat waves below.

Cloud dissolution-
Is a constant worry.
But don't fret, says Science.

This is a system,
Not a lone cloud.
Where some condense
More will build.

All that matters
Is that you keep alive
The flame from below
Of conversation & connection.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cinderella Story

The music tonight
Is a different tune.
No more mournful dirges,
Only happy tinkly sounds.

Cinderella, you've always
Danced at these balls
With an eye on the clock-
Run when midnight falls!

Pumpkin carriage and mouse-horses
Don't make for fast getaways-
Running too hard won't work
Cut glass sure impedes pace.

Tonight, Cinderella, let go a little.
Soak in the music, forget the time.
Dance with Prince Charming,
Laugh, talk, wine, dine.

So stay, Cinderella.
No more need you worry.
The magic won't end anytime soon,
You needn't run home in a hurry.

Fallen Angel

Have you seen a fallen Angel?
Nothing can compare.
It's a shell - the opposite
Of its ethereal former glory.

Twisted, wasted, slow:
A recluse dragging itself
Through its Punishment
Of an existence.

Suddenly a spark
Ignites its wooden mind,
Slowly catches ready tinder
With a glowing flame.

And then, all at once,
Its body flaring ablaze,
Hurtles through the sky
With unexpected grace.

All you can see is Beauty
As it travels its fiery path,
Can you see the burning shell
Reveal the Angel within?

Dancing, twirling,
Behold its joy
As it transforms
Once more and sings:

A thousand times I will take this,
A thousand times this pain,
This Fire is a blessing-
It makes me whole again.

Friday, August 22, 2014

New Dawn

Tread gently through my woods,
Or tread here not at all.

Gentle seeds lie rooted here,
Along twisted oaks of the past.
Your passing through may cause, I fear,
More damage than its cost.

Yesterday Man was here
With chainsaw, lathe and axe
He felled a mighty oak like so
And vanished without a tear.

Years of labour, love and rain
Destroyed in a single blow.
The loss of years' of joy and trust
Can you name an equal pain?

Now I tend ferns, hardy and light
That nothing can uproot
After the wildest stormy fight
They'll spring up underfoot.

Yet oaks are my woods' delight
Standing tall and firm and wise
Bearing the scars of stormy years
With nary a single reprise.

So tread softly in my woods, if you will,
Or tread here not at all.
My oaks are watching, scared and still,
And tremble at your footfall.