Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Sunset before Darkness

How did so many golden days
pass us by so soon?
Why is He who grants it all
taking away this boon?

Will I ever find the strength
to say all I have to say?
Will those words make us one
or simply drive you away?

Why am I, in the middle of a crowd,
smiling yet desolate?
Weren't you the one who promised that
our hearts would always resonate?

Why is it that, despite my hopes,
I know there's no tomorrow?
Yet why do I save my bleeding tears
in these useless words of sorrow?

How hard it is to find the words
when the heart is mute with pain!
All I want to know is if/when
I will ever see you again...


ashwin ramachandran said...

Good Post.
My say on the poem - what is meant to be will always find a way. It is very true that some people enter our lives, leave foot prints...

And we are never again the same!

ashwin ramachandran said...

And it is like quicksand.. the deeper it gets, harder is it to get out!