Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fork in My Road

Twin sides to every coin-
Two parts to any mix-
Give me measure that, when hearts join,
Will ensure, in future, there is no fix !

What is the formula, one does wonder,
For eternal togetherness ?
These days, more hearts are torn asunder,
Than stay forever in binary bliss.

Surely two parties and a common goal
Can't be all that's required?
Now available, now AWOL-
Makes a lonely heart tired !

Even when one finds a soulmate
There are always fears to smother.
In this world, it's unchanging fate
That her future's in the hands of another.

How can you make a decision
That'll change your life forever,
When no factor is in precision
And all'll go awry if you aver ?

Take a risk and make a choice ?
Just trust the stars above ?
O, people without courage and poise
Should never fall in love !

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Sunset before Darkness

How did so many golden days
pass us by so soon?
Why is He who grants it all
taking away this boon?

Will I ever find the strength
to say all I have to say?
Will those words make us one
or simply drive you away?

Why am I, in the middle of a crowd,
smiling yet desolate?
Weren't you the one who promised that
our hearts would always resonate?

Why is it that, despite my hopes,
I know there's no tomorrow?
Yet why do I save my bleeding tears
in these useless words of sorrow?

How hard it is to find the words
when the heart is mute with pain!
All I want to know is if/when
I will ever see you again...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Warm Fuzzy Feeling

What is joy ?
I look into his eyes
And know that he is mine,
As the sleigh bells jingle
And all the light bulbs shine.

What is happiness ?
Saturday morning in bed -
I cuddle in his arms
And watch his pleasant dreams
With their artless little charms.

What is laughter ?
The world is him and nothing else
But the music of his voice
How did I ever get so smart
That I made him my choice ?

What is ecstasy ?
In a moment of blazing passion
I look into his face
And see my heart's beating
Reflected in his gaze.

What is fear ?
I really wouldn't know
For he is always near -
He'll carry me across seven seas
And wipe my every tear.

What is love ?
After a long hard day,
I'll go that extra mile,
Do all those little nothings
Just to see him smile.

Dedicated to all couples in love. :)